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If you want to you want to understand Pilgrims, you need to understand what their world looked like.  To do that, you also need to understand that the Pilgrims lived in Shakespeare’s England.   Want to know more?  Then you want to hear from Shakespeare historian, artist, filmmaker, and host of That Shakespeare Life,  Cassidy Cash.

Cassidy believes that in order to take Shakespeare’s plays from page to performance understanding the history of the man who wrote them is essential. Her work is designed to help both established and would-be Shakespeareans explore the fun, and often surprising, parts of this history, so they can learn something new about the bard.

What is unexpected, is how much better we can understand the pilgrims by glimpsing their world through her work.

Cassidy recently interviewed David and Aaron Bradford for her show!  That blog will post around July 19th.  Look for Cassidy’s posts relevant to the Pilgrims show up here.

We’re looking forward to this collaboration!

A special thank you to Christopher Shawn Shaw for the introduction.

God bless you,

Beth Vickers

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