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Back in November of 2021, Peter J. Eaton was selected to direct The 1620 Experience.  A colleague of Executive Producer, Beth Vickers, Peter had been a part of the 168 Film Festival network having directed multiple short films over the years for the unique Christian film competition.  He was an adjunct professor and mentor at Regent University’s Film School and had directed four feature films.  An award-winning director, Peter was also a Mayflower descendant and had a deep love for the Separatists and their courage and faith born from adversity.

Peter also had a compelling vision for how to bring their story to life visually.  He believed that many Christian stories lacked humanity and that the Pilgrim story in particular needed to show the grittiness of the brave souls whose character drove them to face the unknown and formidable obstacles that would need to be overcome.   He had personally read Of Plymouth Plantation twice, and he and David Bradford had enjoyed several long and fruitful conversations about it.

More than this, he loved the audience that the mini-series was developed for – people.  People who wanted to know the details and truth of history.  People with inquisitive minds and critical thinking skills.  People who wanted stories to help them understand and empathize with the struggles of those cultural pioneers whose relentless faith has influenced America for over 400 years.   He also believed that the story had relevance for the cultural issues we face today.

Before we had announced his attachment, Peter passed away from heart complications not related to COVID-19 or the vaccine, which he had refused.  He has been gone for over a year now, but he is still missed by those who knew him and loved working with him.

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that his energy and passion for The 1620 Experience was still a part of what shaped our direction.  His passing was a blow to our team.

You can read more about his career and the films he directed here: IMDb: Peter J. Eaton

We miss you, Peter.  Not just your talent, but also your friendship and your faith.  And for anyone who has put off seeing a doctor about nagging health issues because of the global shutdown, I would beg you to get motivated.  Every life lost leaves a vacuum in the hearts of those around them.

God bless you,

Beth Vickers

For The 1620 Experience