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Joining us as one of our first Narrators is Chris Ford. 

Currently the host of the Whiskey Tango Life podcast, Chris focuses on interviews with individuals that have lived through political hot topics and bring their own personal perspective.

Chris was previously heard on his weekly radio show, the Generation Y Conservative, that was heard on KLRN internet radio and Mojo 5.0 radio. He started his political commentary writing for websites like the Brazen Careerist in the early 2000s and was even elected to multiple local political positions.

Chris is 38 years old and married with three daughters. After being elected to his local school board and being discouraged by the direction of public education, Chris and his wife, Leslie, decided homeschooling was their best choice and haven’t looked back.

Politically, Chris’s passion veers towards education and history. Among his favorite topics are the Founding documents, Founding Fathers, pilgrims and wars that involved America.

Chris is also helping create a Behind-The-Scenes video blog for The 1620 Experience. We’re excited to have Chris onboard!

Listen to Whiskey Tango Life on YouTube here.

God bless you,

Beth Vickers

For The 1620 Experience