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I work for a data company.  Big data.  We work with marketers to help match their offers with people who are actively searching for them on the big search engines.  This sounds intimidating, but here’s why it’s good.

Every week, more than 340,000 people search for “Christian Comedies.”  More than 500,000 people search for “Christian Dramas.”  More than 760,000 search for “Christian documentaries.”  Yet over 2,300,000 search for “Faith Based Movies.”

Every week.

So here’s what that tell us:  Believers are aggressively searching for faith-based/Christian content.  The biggest surprise is how many people are searching for documentaries

Why?  Because documentaries are about truth.  And our culture is actually desperate to hang on to truth.

So, why Pilgrims?

Our passion project is led by David Bradford, who discovered that he was a direct descendent of William Bradford, the longest-running governor of Plymouth Colony.  As David researched the history of his ancestors, he came to deeply appreciate what it cost them to live out their Christian faith in a way that made America a land of equal opportunity and freedom.  The 1620 Experience is designed to show the raw truth in a beautiful way that will engage and inspire current and future generations to follow their example.

We are a non-profit, crowdfunded project.  This means that we don’t have the pressure of paying back investors and can distribute this mini-series on multiple platforms – paid and free – so that more people can watch it.   But that means that we need your help to make it happen. 

We have been joined by Kevin Sorbo and JC Films to help us meet our goals.  Like us, they believe we can create new tools to fight for the minds of those who want something worth believing in.  

Like Truth.

Here’s an example of Kevin’s conviction in action.

We thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you,

Beth Vickers

For The 1620 Experience