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Between the shutdown and fact-checking algorithms that restrict news and opinions, it’s easy to feel outvoted in the current conversational environment.  Popular voices like Kevin Sorbo and Prager U continue to be censored which limits their audience reach.  So it’s hard to know you aren’t the only who thinks the way you do or feels the way you do.  It’s easy to feel like you’re crazy in a sea of political correctness and cancel culture.

So while we could have had just one narrator for our project, we are looking to recruit several voices that represent proud Americans from across the nation.  We feel it’s important for families – and especially children – to know that there are many other voices who share their pride and who both know and believe historical truth.   Other voices who have been criticized, censored and shut down – and yet remain to fight another day.

Everyone connects with different communication styles and personalities.  By inviting a variety of narrators to participate, we show a key truth about America – there is no privilege except citizenship.  No one owns the Truth.  The Truth owns us.  And we are all heirs of the Pilgrim legacy.

Ideally, we’ll be able to present a cross-section of people from different walks of life, different regions, different backgrounds, to showcase the fact that we are truly united by our American heritage.  We also want to help connect our audience to a wider variety of men and women who embody this heritage through a variety of projects and platforms so that we can see the truth of how many resources connect us.

We would like to thank actor/director/producer Kevin Sorbo, as well as former radio host and conservative YouTube voice, Chris Ford, for helping us kickstart this project!

We thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you,

Beth Vickers

For The 1620 Experience